Enjoy the best Spanish wines...with Bertha Group!
Enjoy the best Spanish wines...with Bertha Group!

CAVA BERTHA                                                  DO CAVA & DO PENEDÈS

Until recently Cava Bertha was at the center of the town of San Sadurní d'Anoia, where we worked, in a first stage, from 1989-2014.
In this old cava is where we developed our business with the major disadvantage of working in confined spaces and in the center of town, with all the problems that entails, but it was here that we have grown as a trademark; where we have spent 25 years of our lives doing what we like and where we have undertaken new projects.
Here we have learned a way of doing things and therefore always grateful to Sant Sadurní for the opportunity you gave us at the time.
Bertha's commitment to consumers is to develop our cellars as did our ancestors, incorporating modern knowledge and the latest technology in all processes, also maintaining our limited in future productions and respecting the wine region in which we find, as well as their native varieties.
The Wines
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The Cava
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  • Bertha Brut Lounge
  • Bertha Brut Lounge Rosé
  • Bertha Brut Nature Gran Reserva Cardús
  • Bertha Brut Nature Gran Reserva S.XXI
  • Bertha Brut Nature Gran Reserva S.XXI Rosé
  • Bertha Brut Nature Gran Reserva MAX
  • Ivette Brut Reserva
  • Mountain
  • Umami











This is our Brut Reserva Cava, elaborate with Macabeo, Xarel.lo and Parellada. The cava remain for the second fermentation around 10 months and is coming with a dosage of 8gr/l of sugar. It's elegant, fresh and a perfect glass for aperitive, the bubbles are fine and small and well integrate in the wine.

Ivette is a perfect option to enjoy a glass of cava. 


Vintage: 2017







Bertha Brut Nature Reserva is guaranteed to have between 15 and 24 months of maturation. The grape varietals used to make this cava are Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel·lo. The aromas are very varied, offering the opportunity to notice flavors of fruit, confectionary, flowers, and vegetables. It offers light lactic mouth feel, a taste of fresh yeast and above all, a very subtle and well-integrated carbon dioxide.

Without any doubt, Brut Nature Reserva is one of our best products as well as one of the best cavas in the market for its quality-price relation.









Bertha Gran Reserva is a very special cava, starting with the minimum maturation in bottle of 30 months. The grape varietals used for its production are Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada, a tribute to our local grape varietals. Undergoing a very long maturation, the different varietals manifest themselves in their maximum expression, offering all their potential of the correct evolution in the bottle.

It has a great aromatic complexity. It has mature fruit, thanks to the long maturation, and dried fruit fragrance as well as a warm, balanced and very complex mouthfeel. Creaminess, lactic flavors and a long aftertaste with smoked product flavors. Visually, it offers its golden yellow shade and slow and harmonious bubbles.










Those who opt for Cava Bertha Lounge, will taste young wine which has gone through only 9 to 13 months of maturation. It is this youthfulness that provides its most appreciated values - it is fresh, fruity, aromatic and with prevailing primary aromas of the grape itself. The grape varietals chosen for its elaboration are Xarel·lo and Parellada. Cava Bertha Lounge is a special cava with contemporary touches. A different glass adapted to our times. Easy to drink and perfect to experiment with, it defines the person as well the meal which it is served with.











Bertha Lounge Rosé is a young cava who has a great coupage of five kinds of grapes blending red and white grapes. Itʼs a cava fresh, young funny the notes of red fruits in the nose is combined with some aromatic herbs, elegant and intense in the mouth and always with a perfect well balance.

Perfect glass to enjoy.


VINTAGE: 2018 








Bertha Siglo XXI Gran Reserva is made of Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel·lo, and only 10% Chardonnay, a coupage thus creating a cava with its own personality. It has a long minimum maturation, of 36 months, which produces a great aromatic complexity. Therefore, we do not find primary or fresh fruit aromas, but a mixture of yeast, bakery or confectionery products flavors as well as autolysis aromas which bring the smoked and toasted products, mature fruit, cooked vegetables, dried fruit, and woodland flavors.

It enters with fresh, elegant and smooth taste with very subtle and well-integrated carbon dioxide and with toasted products aromas.











Bertha Siglo XXI Gran Reserva Rosé is made with an exclusive 100% Pinot Noir, the cava remain for a 36 months aging during the second fermentation.

Elegant, fresh, intense aromas with a great balance of the wine, its bubbles are small and well-integrated offering a perfect and delicate body.

The production of this cava is very limited, only around 5000 bottles made per year, his exclusivity and his perfect taste are perfect for special moments.












Max Gran Reserva is one of our cavas with the most aromatic complexity. It contains 40% of Chardonnay fermented in cask, 50% of the Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada blend and the rest is Pinot Noir fermented as white. It has a minimum maturation of 36 months.

In the glass, the small bubble displays itself very smoothly and harmoniously. Its aromas are complex, prevailing the toffee, pastry products, biscuits, and citrus fruit flavors. It has a very creamy, lactic and subtle mouthfeel.





This is the first till white wine produced at Cava Bertha, made with the variety 100% Xarel·lo from very old vines of 78 years old that we find near the winery in the area of Subirats in the heart of Alt Penedès. The wine is fermented in steel tanks and we want to respect the essence of the soil and the variety. This is a limited production of 5.000 bottles made only.






The 80% of this wine has been elaborated with vineyards Macabeu and Xarel·lo of 65 years of antiquity. The soil is clay and calcareous and gives the wine an exceptional minerality.

The vineyard has been treated with much pampering, making a clever pruning to go looking for the highest quality. We have respected the herb layer when it was necessary, it has been ecologically worked and the plant has been given the utmost importance for its development to be sustainable.

The collection has been manual, has been collected with boxes of 25 kilos. The grapes have been frozen before pressing to delay the fermentation and improve the extraction of the pulp glued to the skin of the grain.

The fermentation has been very slow with different selected yeasts and low temperatures. There has been a maceration of the mothers with wine for 4 months with a stainless steel tank.


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