BERTHA GROUP steams from the oncern of wineries are located in different areas of 

Spain, all group wineries are small and family.

The philosophy of all wineries memebers in BERTHA GROUP is to produce high quality 

wines, producing these wines with their owns grapes obtained from the different 

propierties that each possesses. 

Finally, after many common efforts was born the concept of BERTHA GROUP, which offers its customers the possibility to combine different wineries high quality service, and always guarantee the quality of our wines, so that our customers 

get a degree of confidence and satisfaction deired. 

At the head of this group stood Mr. Gil Núñez i Domènech, wich after a long experience in various wineries faces the challenge of carrying out this project, contributing his experience as Sommelier and master in enology, viticulture and wine marketing. 

We hope you enjoy our wines which represent the authentic terroir of their diferents appellations of origin.

One of our Old Vines in Rioja Alavesa.